Coaching services

Are you playing to your strengths?

Many of us feel we have to be all things to all people. Or we get stuck doing things that don’t energise us. Often we focus on using the strengths that have worked for us in the past. Or we give more attention to our weaknesses, lose motivation and don’t get very far.

I can help you be more successful by realising your natural, energising strengths and building a business or career based on what you do best!

I offer strengths assessment and coaching packages designed to meet you where you are and set you up for sustainable success. I don’t lock you in to fixed contracts and prefer to work with you to suit your evolving needs and budget. Together we can design the partnership that best supports you.

Coaching can be combined with my consulting services to give you extra support in designing your branding, marketing or communication strategies or building a website to take you to the next level.

  • Assessment

    Discover your real strengths and weaknesses and gain personalised strategies with a strengths assessment, profile, debrief and coaching session.

  • Strategy

    Map a strategy to maximise your strengths in your business, career or life. Strategic action planning sessions help you set a direction that plays to your strengths, suits your unique context and allows for growth.

  • Coaching

    Get ongoing coaching support and guidance to reach your business and personal goals. This will help you capitalise on your strengths and grow stronger through life’s challenges.

  • Team Building

    Assess the strengths of your existing and potential team with individual assessment and team profiling. Assign roles, develop capability and build high performance teams.

Would you like to arrange a strengths assessment or coaching services or find out more about how to realise your strengths as an individual, business or team? Contact me for a free consultation.