Consulting services

Are you communicating your value?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, subject experts and government departments who deliver great services or products often struggle to clearly communicate their value to the people who need them most.

I can help you craft and communicate your message and get information to the right people with better writing, marketing, websites or learning resources.

My consulting services can be combined with coaching to give extra support in designing or executing your business, branding, communication or digital strategy.

  • Communication

    Create engaging and compelling content for your website, digital or printed materials. Get started with ebooks, blogs or infographics.

  • Websites

    Design a small business or personal website. Make your current site more engaging, user-friendly and effective.

  • Marketing

    Develop a marketing, branding or social media strategy to take you and your business to the next level. Get help setting up marketing and sales systems.

  • Learning

    Turn your content into high-quality learning resources such as workbooks, handouts, digital downloads and tip-sheets.

Would you like help with your communication, marketing, website or learning resources? Contact me for a free consultation.