Free eBook: How to realise your strengths

Realising our strengths is the single thing that can make the most difference to our performance, growth potential and fulfillment. This eBook helps you start identifying and developing your strengths.

What is coaching and how can it help you?

Are you thinking about embarking on coaching and not sure how it can help you? Here is a guide to help you decide if coaching is for you.

Realising more potential in strengths coaching

Strengths are at the heart of positive approaches to coaching. My article in Coachlink, the Australasian International Coach Federation magazine, about the R2 Strengths approach.

Free eBook: Working with strengths in schools

For teachers, school leaders, parents and anyone who works with young people, strengths are a natural pathway that leads to flourishing results. An eBook to help cultivate strengths in yourself, your children and your school.

Free eBook: 7 ways to apply positive psychology

The science of positive psychology contributes new insights and proven strategies to help people flourish. This eBook introduces practical ways to boost happiness, wellbeing and performance.
Emotional intelligence

What is emotional intelligence and why do we need it?

Emotional Intelligence gives us awareness of ourselves and others so we can manage emotions and engage people. An excerpt of my White Paper on Emotional Intelligence at Work with Sue Langley.