Sophie Francis

Sophie Francis is a coach, consultant and writer who works with business owners, professionals and organisations to craft and communicate their value. By realising their unique strengths they gain the clarity and confidence to put their best self forward and develop an authentic business, website and brand.

Sophie has a Master in Business Coaching (with Distinction) from the University of Wollongong’s Sydney Business School and is a certified practitioner in Strengths Profiler. Co-author of “Working with Strengths in Coaching” in The Sage Handbook of Coaching, she has researched how people draw on their strengths during challenging situations to find greater fulfilment.

Her experience working with field leaders in positive psychology, leadership and learning gives her deep insight into how we can contribute our strengths to change our world. In 2004, she helped found a coaching and culture change consultancy, where she managed 100+ learning and development initiatives to improve coaching and communication skills, leadership, performance management, business development and team dynamics. She also juggled hats as proposal writer, web developer and all-round problem solver in the transition from shoe-string startup to global catalyst.

Before turning to organisations, Sophie helped write and edit two best-selling books. Together with the psychologist/author team, she laid out a blueprint for optimistic living, nurturing the projects from kernels to carefully crafted manifestos. She also supported a depression initiative to support individuals, families and health professionals. This mission-driven project built on her early training in somatic therapies and lifelong fascination with the way our mind, body, brain and social systems evolved to work best.

Canberra-based, Melbourne-bred, Sophie feels most at home exploring game-changing ideas and empowering people to make them happen.

  • Master of Business Coaching (with Distinction)
  • Diploma of Graphic Design (currently studying)
  • Courses in Technical Writing, Tender Writing, Plain English and Writing for WCAG standards
  • Courses in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Certification and Memberships
  • Strengths Profiler: Certified Practitioner
  • Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test: Certified Practitioner
  • UoW Business Coaching Alumni